Established in 1992, Tourism Malaysia serves as the country's leading agency for the promotion of tourism. Guided by a vision of showcasing Malaysia's rich cultural heritage and diverse natural beauty, it actively fosters sustainable growth in the tourism sector, while promoting Malaysia as a premier global tourist destination.


In an unprecedented collaboration, HIP Digital Agency orchestrated an insightful workshop with Tourism Malaysia, illuminating the path to strategically curate captivating destinations for the Tourism Malaysia website. Our dynamic approach empowered Tourism Malaysia to select compelling locations, enriching their digital presence and fostering a deeper connection with global audiences.

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Embracing a collaborative spirit, HIP Digital Agency and Tourism Malaysia joined forces in a strategic workshop, employing the innovative Sailboat Method. Through meticulous discussions and thoughtful analysis, we honed in on the preferences of travelers, refining Tourism Malaysia's website to spotlight the most enthralling and sought-after destinations across Malaysia.


Prior to the workshop, Tourism Malaysia encountered a challenge of showcasing numerous locations on their website, struggling to align with diverse traveller preferences. With a refined filtering system, we plan to develop content that resonates with specific target audiences, leading to diminished user engagement and limited site traction.


Through an inclusive voting process, HIP Digital Agency facilitated an illuminating workshop using the Sailboat Method, enabling Tourism Malaysia to identify their strengths and weaknesses. By prioritising user experience and staff insights, we streamlined the selection of impactful destinations, enhancing Tourism Malaysia's website appeal and bolstering user engagement.



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The Collaboration

Empowered by the workshop, Tourism Malaysia adeptly harnesses their newfound insights, transforming weaknesses into opportunities. With a comprehensive understanding of each place in Malaysia's unique appeal, they now spotlight locations with compelling selling points, poised to captivate and enthral global travellers, establishing Tourism Malaysia as a beacon for unparalleled travel experiences.

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