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The Brief:

SJPP wants informative, educational, friendly and engaging visuals to reach out to SMES regarding their Government Guarantee Scheme Prihatin ( GGS-Prihatin ).

Syarikat Jaminan Pembiayaan Perniagaan (SJPP) is a wholly-owned company of Minister of Finance Incorporated and was formed in 2009 to administer and manage government guarantee schemes under the Second Stimulus Package announced in Budget 2009 that enable Small Medium Enterprise (SME) companies to gain access to financing facilities from financial institutions.

The Solution :

We propose 2 variants of banner design with 2 different types of communication. The first variant is focusing on educating SMEs about government guarantees and credit facilities. The second variant showcases support for local entrepreneurs.

Banner Ads (3)

Set 1 : Educate


The copywriting was straightforward where the direction from one frame to another evolves from problem statement to solution. The copy needs to be short and punchy as Google Ads have strict rules on the number of words.

We use local entrepreneurs as the main face of this campaign in order to attract local startups who have just begun their business journey during this challenging time. We emphasized HOPE in the last frame through our visuals and copy.

Set 2 : Support


We use a conversational approach and we start off with Dear SMEs in order to make it clear to who is this message intended.


We create lyrics style to kill the corporate mood so that the message seems light and urban entrepreneurs will stay on reading this banner and make them feel comfortable to reach out to SJPP

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