Project Type: TVC For Raya 2023
Client : ABIQ M & C


Food is a vital element that unites people in Malaysia, where diverse cuisines are prepared to celebrate festivals, and unique dishes are served for special occasions like Raya. Our client requested an advertisement that promotes sibling reconciliation and encourages children who live far away from their parents to return home and celebrate Raya together. We chose to focus on Rendang Nasib, a popular dish in Negeri Sembilan.


Why Rendang Nasib, you ask? This dish has a significant history – it was traditionally prepared by impoverished families who could not afford buying beef. Instead, they used other parts of the cow, which were less expensive, and cooked them together to create a hearty meal. The resulting dish was served with a twist – diners could not choose which part of the cow they received, making it a game of luck! 

The Malay word for luck is “Nasib“.


Despite being able to afford beef today, many families in Negeri Sembilan continue to cook Rendang Nasib. This dish holds a special place in their hearts, and they continue to cherish it as a family, especially during Raya.


In our advertisement, we showcase Sekimah, who always cooks Rendang Nasib for special occasions. However, a tragedy struck when her son became unhappy with her, leading to her dementia worsening. All she could remember were the happy memories of cooking Rendang Nasib. Watch her story unfold in our advertisement – a touching tale of a mother battling dementia, and the power of food to bring people together.


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