La Prairie, a renowned Swiss luxury skincare brand, is globally recognized for its exclusive cellular anti-aging formulas and exceptional rejuvenating treatments. With a commitment to scientific innovation and timeless elegance, La Prairie continues to epitomise luxury and excellence in the realm of skincare and beauty.

Link : https://glam.my/istimewa/intipati-mewah-la-prairie/


HIP Digital Agency has been entrusted by GLAM to spearhead the digital awareness efforts for the GLAM x La Prairie campaign. The campaign's goals include promoting La Prairie's unique Cobalt House at The Gardens Member Club Event Space, which features the first-of-its-kind Cobalt Café in Asia. The launch in Malaysia, from September 14 to September 28  aims to generate awareness and sign-ups. The campaign also introduces the re-mastered Skin Caviar Luxe Cream at The Gardens Member Club Lounge, available at La Prairie boutiques in Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens Mall, and Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. The lounge, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, marks the debut of Cobalt House at Art Basel in 2023, featuring a limited-edition art piece by designer Sabine Marcelis.


The primary challenge is to draw in High Net Worth Individuals, skincare enthusiasts, affluent and influential tastemakers, visionaries, members of the Royal Family, and socialites. Our goal is to encourage them to share their details and attend La Cobalt House.


Our central hub is the website, and we capitalize on the existing GLAM subscribers by designing an email journey that invites them to the La Cobalt House event. Simultaneously, we employ social media and Google ads with two distinct strategies to attract new users, particularly those interested in La Prairie. The first approach involves showcasing the product to influence current buyers to participate, while the second emphasizes all the event benefits to entice users to try out the experience.

To enhance lead conversion, we have implemented a pop-up subscription form, strategically placing it across all pages on GLAM's website. Additionally, we have seamlessly integrated the form within event-related articles, extending invitations to encourage attendance at the upcoming event.



The Collaboration Results

We not only met but surpassed our initial target of 50 leads by securing 65 leads. This valuable audience has been shared with La Prairie for The La Prairie’s Cobalt House at The Gardens Member Club Event. Furthermore, this lead was advised to be included in their current database ensuring that for any upcoming events, they have the option to reach out to and engage with this group.


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