Lee, a renowned denim brand, embarked on a journey to reenter the Malaysian market with a bold mission – to captivate the attention of Gen-Z and Millennials while repositioning itself as cooler and trendier than ever before. Partnering with EH!, a leading digital platform, Lee sought to amplify its repositioning efforts through innovative content strategies.

We spearheaded the strategy, project management, and social media oversight, actively executing and monitoring performance. With a duration of six months, this campaign provided us with invaluable insights to optimize our posting strategies effectively.

Eh! x Lee v4

Our approach


Influencer Marketing: A dedicated page showcasing 20 influential celebrities donning Lee's denim was created, featuring captivating images and videos captured by EH! The social influence of celebrities managed to generate buzz among the target audience.


Engaging Content Hub: A specially crafted page was developed to showcase Lee's unique denim stories and content, designed to pique the interest of denim enthusiasts. This content hub served as a central platform to drive traffic and engage potential customers.

Copy of HIP WEBSITE- BIZ OF RE REELS (1494 x 796 px)

Social Media Amplification: Leveraging various social media platforms, Lee and EH! widened their outreach to the target demographic. Engaging posts, stories, and videos were strategically crafted to resonate with Gen-Z and Millennials, increasing brand visibility and engagement.

Copy of HIP WEBSITE- BIZ OF RE REELS (1494 x 796 px) (2)

Email Marketing Campaign: Utilizing EH!'s existing subscriber base, Lee implemented an email marketing campaign to keep subscribers updated on the latest Lee updates and promotions. This personalized approach aimed to nurture customer relationships and drive conversions.


Banner Ad Domination: Lee secured all available banner ad spaces on the EH! website, ensuring maximum exposure to every visitor. These strategically placed ads served as constant reminders of Lee's repositioning efforts, reinforcing brand messaging.


Interactive Engagement: Implementing a voting mechanism, Lee encouraged audience engagement and expanded its email subscriber base. This interactive approach fostered a sense of community and loyalty among customers.


The collaborative efforts of Lee and EH! yielded impressive results:

  • Over 800 new email subscribers were acquired, indicating a growing interest in Lee's repositioning efforts.
  • The content reached over 5 million individuals, significantly increasing brand exposure and awareness.
  • Videos and content generated a total of 510,000 views, demonstrating the effectiveness of the engagement strategy in capturing audience attention and interest.

Through a strategic blend of captivating content, targeted outreach, and interactive engagement, Lee and EH! successfully revitalized Lee's brand presence in the Malaysian market. By focusing on the preferences and interests of Gen-Z and Millennials, Lee not only captured their attention but also established itself as a relevant and trendy denim brand in the digital landscape.