Biz of Re is a leading media publishing company in Malaysia, boasting a monthly reach of over a million views across all titles. The web revamp is crucial to highlight their success and enhance revenue potential.

The new website looks to support its ambitious vision for further growth using the primary digital channel- the website. Various elements on the current website blocked Biz of Re from sharing their glorious accomplishments. A new design and UX to the web are aimed to keep visitors engaged with new content from time to time.

We've implemented a comprehensive UI & UX overhaul aimed at enhancing usability and navigation, coupled with a robust SEO strategy to boost search engine rankings. Employing the parallax scrolling effect, we engage users to explore further, while strategically placed CTAs prompt them to share their contact details. Our utilization of impactful visuals highlights success stories and collaborations, reinforcing Biz Of Re’s position as a leading media publishing company in Malaysia.

We Delivered

  • Web Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Copywriting
  • Automation Integration


The implementation of a modern website design has led to a remarkable 50% increase in the number of visits to our site. This notable growth underscores the effectiveness of our efforts in creating a user-friendly and engaging online experience.


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