Project Type: International Women's Day
Client : HIPSHUT in collaboration with Mercure Glenmarie and Tourism Selangor


In conjunction with International Women's Day, HIPSHUT launched a campaign to celebrate women in hospitality via Behind Her Smile


The campaign revolves around the inspiring journey of Gina, a dedicated hotel staff member who successfully rises through the ranks and eventually becomes the proud owner of her own hotel. In this captivating video, we delve into Gina's life and the challenges she faced, but with a humorous twist.

Taking inspiration from the distinct style of Wes Anderson films, we incorporated witty comebacks and snarky remarks from Gina and her colleagues, set against the backdrop of various cinematic locations within the hotel premises.

This project was a collaborative effort with Tourism Selangor and Mercure Glenmarie, resulting in a truly unique and engaging storytelling experience.

Behind Her Smile Shoot

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